Senator Franklin Wright is living the American Dream. Propelled to political stardom by a campaign manager who is Asian American and female, he stands on the threshold of making history: becoming California’s first African-American Governor. Or does he?

It is a question Franklin must answer when, as campaign front runner, he finds himself thrust in the midst of a scandal that threatens to ruin the election, his career, his marriage and forces him to make a life and death decision.

The chilling fact is: the scandal is based on a secret his wife has harbored for 17 years.

POWER PLAY is about the women behind this powerful man who find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of personal and political intrigue that threatens to destroy them all.

The play examines friendship, love integrity, public scrutiny and the question we still face today; What are we voting for? A candidate’s private life or the record of his or her accomplishments and the depths of his or her commitment?

With Presidential elections looming, the producers felt it was a great time to take a fresh look at POWER PLAY, a play about a candidate’s dilemma and unselfish decision that helps us examine the criteria by which we choose and elect our officials. “How will confession play with swing voters? How important is winning?” Will informed voters allow character assassinations to inform their decisions?

POWER PLAY is an uplifting, inspiring play with music that will feature songs sung by the talented Mrs. Washington. Songs were included not just as audience pleasers, but as a way to further highlight the escalating emotional highs and lows experienced by the characters in the play. A song is born from pain or joy so it was only fitting that when Executive Producer Rivers suggested adding songs for Mrs. Washington, playwright Lorey Hayes enthusiastically agreed. Songs will not only showcase Mrs. Washington’s amazing singing talent, but propel the story to new heights, knowing exactly where the character would need to sing.

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  1. This play is so timely given what’s happening now in the NY mayoral campaign. Former President Clinton immediately came to mind. In spite of his personal problems, I never forgot his accomplishments, “depths of his commitment.” But then, I think everyone’s level of tolerance, forgiveness is dependent on how close behaviors effect their sense of value.

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