Take yourself off the Salesrack

You are not on Sale


Life transforming actions to help you own your power, control your destiny and become powerful with who you are.

You are not on Sale, Your services, Your Power, Your Money. We Women Bargain with our own lives. We only know how to do more, take care of everyone in our lives except ourselves.

Don’t undervalue who you are and what you do. Say “no” out of respect for yourself. You have the Power to control your destiny. Ask yourself “What am I doing to put myself on sale? How do I take myself off the sales rack?”

8 Qualities of a Wealthy Woman

Keep Health, Wealth and Money in your life with:

1. BALANCE: Thoughts, words, actions feelings are one. What you think is not coming out of mouth is still a part of you. What you think, feel, say and do, must be one thought to create your destiny. Words become action. Habits form your destiny. Say, do, think and feel the same powerful, life affirming thoughts.

2. HARMONY: When we are naturally in Balance, we have confidence and equilibrium. Check your words, actions, feelings and thoughts.

3. COURAGE: Have courage to overcome fear. Courage Quiets the fear. Call up courage that silences your fear by taking action. “I am a warrior and will not turn back on the battlefield.” Summon up courage, be in balance and be Powerful.

4. GENEROSITY: Give yourself the Gift of self empowered by what you are doing. Exercise your Duty to Volunteer. This is your Full tilt boogie.

5. HAPPINESS is essential for wealthy women. Only you can make yourself happy.

6. CLEANLINESS: Be free of clutter. Paper. Wealth cannot dwell in filth. Invite wealth.

7. BEAUTY: Say, know and claim, “I am a Goddess of Wealth, Inner Beauty and Strength.” Feel confident. “I am confident. When I walk in a room, I know my own worth and my own power”.

8. WISDOM: Make wise choices based on confidence. NEVER PUT YOURSELF ON SALE AGAIN

Make a “save yourself plan” for 1 day 1 month 1 year

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