Febone1960.net Review: Power Play Powerful & Suspenseful

Febone1960.net Review: Power Play Powerful & Suspenseful by Valerie Bailey (August 1, 2013)

What do you get when you have an ambitious campaign manager, an up and coming politician, and the betrayal of a best friend? You get Lorey Hayes’ Power Play.

Brought in as a reading, Power Play is part of the National Black Theatre Festival’s 2013 Repertoire. Although they had scripts in their hands, you could tell that the skilled actors knew their lines.

Keeping the audience in suspense, the script written by North Carolina native Lorey Hayes is very intriguing. As they left the Shirley Recital Hall at Salem College many audience members vocalized their desire to see Power Play on the big screen. Knowing Lorey the way I know Lorey, the film script is ready.

So is the cast. Power Play’s cast comprises of Roscoe Orman from “Sesame Street,” Pauletta Pearson Washington, Lia Chang, Lorey Hayes, Marcus Naylor and Phynjuar. The cast has done a great job in the transformation of the characters from the page to the stage. This was especially true of Lia Chang who plays the ambitious campaign manager. Delivering her lines without the script made me forget that I was in reading.

The play was chosen for the festival’s inaugural midnight reading in 1991. Lia Chang was a member of that cast playing the same character. Lia also played the role at the plays New York run at the Billie Holiday Theatre. In addition to an extended run, Power Play won a prestigious AUDELCO award for Best Play in 2005.

Power Play is powerful and suspenseful. The bottom line: It’s a must see.

Check out Valerie Bailey’s Febone1960.net for her complete coverage of the Festival.

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