Febone1960.net Interview: Education Plus Integrity Plus Aggie Pride Equals Pauletta Pearson Washington

Febone1960.net Interview: Education Plus Integrity Plus Aggie Pride Equals Pauletta Pearson Washington by Valerie Bailey (July 30, 2013)

This season, in addition to “Crowns”, “The Marvin Gaye Story”, “Lady Patriot”, “Fried Chicken & Latkes” and many more fine performances by exceptionally talented individuals, the festival brings back Lorey Hayes’ Power Play. The newly reworked piece is being produced by VOZA RIVERS/NEW HERITAGE THEATRE GROUP and DEBRA ANN BYRD/TAKE WING AND SOAR PRODUCTIONS, INC.

The play stars Pauletta Pearson Washington and Roscoe Orman. Febone1960.net had the privilege of interviewing Mrs. Washington, the wife of two times academy award winner Denzel Washington. We wanted to explore Pauletta Pearson Washington, the woman. During the interview we discovered some interesting black history regarding Mrs. Washington and her family.

Malcolm X insisted that he was the sum of all the people he had met.

That is basically true of all us, including Pauletta Pearson Washington and her famous husband. Most of you know her as the wife of Denzel Washington, but if the truth be told, Pauletta was an accomplished performer before taking on that title and has certainly been a positive influence on the actor’s career. That impact doesn’t come from being the woman behind the man, but from the woman who stands by his side on a solid foundation developed during her childhood by her parents. Pauletta’s parents placed a strong emphasis on education.

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